The Loring courts were the first public tennis courts built in Minneapolis. They date to the founding of Loring Park in 1887. Back then there were two concrete courts for use by anyone who could supply their own net. Today there are four courts situated on the north side of the park. The setting is spectacular. However as the photos below clearly show the courts are now in a dilapilated state and simply UNPLAYABLE. They have been like this for the last five years.

The Park Board response is that their hands are tied because by ordinance all capital spending on recreational facilities must be prioritized based on youth density and diversity. Due to their geographic location the Loring courts always fail the test of youth density. In an effort to overcome this obstacle the park commission inserted in the 20 year master plan Master Plan for Loring Park in 2013, an unfunded proposal for the  dual purpose use of the court surface: tennis courts in the summer and a refrigerated skating rink in the winter. The park board planners felt that the Loring pond has been an unreliable winter skating venue; and thus they came up with this experimental at best, dual-use concept. This project is very expensive and no funding is committed. – it has a  $3,562,050 construction price tag, and an $86,000 annual maintenance cost. 95% of these costs are connected to the underground refrigeration system for the skating rink. The likelihood of this plan ever getting approval is almost nil. But until there is clear resolution of this issue the courts will remain unplayable and any real commitment to their renovation held in limbo. 

So what can we do? Get involved! The park board needs to see the Loring park courts for their unique character. Loring is not a neighborhood park and it can not compete on the criteria of youth density with the likes of Linden Hills, Weber, Powerhorn etc. It is a Central Park, surrounded by commercial businesses, condo and apartments. They need to think of these courts as adult recreational facilities and they need to take in to consideration the dearth of inner city tennis courts, Finally they must recognize the growing demand by seniors for paddle tennis and pickle ball facilities. In the future these courts, if properly renovated could support all of these activities.  

 What can you do? You can GET INVOLVED!

Contributions can be made at “Friends of Loring Tennis” web site or by check made out to “Friends of Loring Tennis” and sent to 1787 Dupont ave so. Minneapolis MN. 55403
Contact the Park Board Commissioner for the 4th district, Anita Tabb, , phone is 612-230-6443, Extension 4. While Anita is an advocate for the renovation of the courts, it is important to remind her that there is a growing voice demanding action.

Those who contribute to the renovation effort will be recognized on a permanent placard posted at the courts. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

You can join us by becoming a member of the Friends of Loring Courts and you can address an instant e-mail to the Park Board expressing your support for Loring court renovation. PARK BOARD EMAIL ADDRESSES BELOW

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